The Parent Support Group actively cooperates with the school administration and the National Church of God to promote superior educational and developmental opportunities for the student body through recognition events, athletic activities, and fundraising activities. Parents are encouraged to attend the PSG meetings and become involved in supporting NCA and its role in educating and equipping students to serve God and the community.



Our mission is to fully support the NCA administration in various capacities as they fulfill their mission, to train students by providing an environment conducive to learning, stimulate emotional, social, intellectual and spiritual growth in each student leading them to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and preparing them for college, life and eternity through excellent academics while fostering Godly character. Projects we have led or supported in the past include:

Assistance with coordination of food and gifts for Grandparent’s day

Assistance with the Scholastic book fair, spelling bee, and science fair

Fundraising for technology

Career Days: Fall and Spring

Annual Teacher’s Appreciation Week lunch and gift event

Other events that support communication between parents and staff

President Tiffany Levy

Vice President Tiffany Andrews

Secretary Vanetta Banks

Treasurer Danielle Tyler

Communications Officer Gloria Jones

Campus Beautification Chair Robert Jones

Fundraising Committee Chair Terrance Triplett

Membership Committee Chair Mary Musgrove

Parent Communication Chair Patricia Wilburg

Service Program Committee Chair Tiffany Simpkins

Social Committee Chair Michele Cober

Student Life Committee Chair Gloria Jones

Technology Chair Rosalind Scott

All parents, legal guardians, relatives or other persons recognized by school officials as responsible for a student are automatically members of the PSG. Each member will be entitiled to one vote per household during annual elections in October. Annual membership dues of fifteen (15) hours of volunteer service or $150 are required from each family to help support NCAPSG endeavors.

These meetings provide a means for parents to be of service to the school, foster interest in the life of the school, and supplement the school’s social and educational offerings. The PSG meet every third Tuesday of each month September- August. You earn one parent service hour for each meeting you attend. We also encourage you to join one of the various committees responsible for working with National Christian Academy toward making the National Christian Academy experience the best it can be. It’s easy to get started, just fill out the PSG Get Involved! form.

Upcoming PSG Meetings

September 18th

October 16th

November 20th

December 18th

January 15th

February 19th

March 19th

April 16th

May 21st

Campus Beautification Committee plans, organizes, and carries out projects for the improvement and beautification of the grounds of the school.

Fundraising Committee plans and organizes fundraising programs and events to help fund school improvements, recognitions, initiatives, or events.

Membership Committee works to increase the membership and involvement in NCAPSG.

Parents Communication Committee gathers information throughout the school from all sources that is especially important to the parents of National Christian Academy and sees that this information is distributed through various media to the parents.

Social Committee plans, organizes and carries out social activities of the NCAPSG and organizes parental assistance for authorized school social activities.

Student Life Committee focuses on nonacademic aspects of campus life; such as drug and alcohol abuse, campus social activities, and working closely with the School administration, faculty and Student Government Association.

Technology Committee works closely with the school administration on improving the technological divide between the school, parents and the rest of the community. I.

Service Program Committee works closely with the school administration to identify areas where parents of NCA may be of service to the school.

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