National Christian Academy, through its various programs and activities, aids in the total development of its students. While academic excellence is the hallmark of the school, NCA is equally committed to provide an experience of excellence through student activities. NCA’s progams of athletics, clubs and activities, aim to be truly co-curricular, i.e., equal partners to academic course work that support and advance our school objectives.

High school students have a real need for opportunities in which they can excel, make friends, learn, and give expression to their talents and abilities. NCA’s student activities program is designed to provide all students with this opportunity to share with the larger community their God-given gifts.

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ACT Profile

College Board

Going Merry

Khan Academy

Mission Discovery

Service Learning Forms

Student Requirements

Volunteer Match



Music Lessons

Performing Arts


NCA National Honor Society Chapter


Service Learning

Driving School

Jan. 28 – Feb. 8

Congratulations to all of our Honor Roll Student’s who maintained a 4.0 for the first semester!



Jackson Anderson

Alexander Arrington

La’Naya Barnes-Morrison

Jacob Calhoun

Nylah Freeman

Milan Goode

Malachi Hawkins

Kikyo Hinds

Morgan Howell

Nicholas Smith

Kato Wright


1st Grade

Morgan Andrews

Jordyn Branch

Zori Eldridge

Zoe Gaymon

Julian Goode

Amirah Koonce

Zoe Lancaster

London Madden

Chase Montaque

Makynzie Morrist-Worthy

Seth Newell

Elysia Proctor

Jacob Smith

Maya Thorpe

Jeremiah Walker

Sineta Weaver

Troy Weaver

Shahana Zafnia



2nd Grade

Hannah Forrest

Fredricka Hamilton

J’Syah Harris

Alyc’Yana Owens

Akira Robinson

Mya Strand

Ryan Sutherland

Aaron Womack


3rd Grade

Alexis Graham

Aliya Sultzer

Terrence Triplett

Chandler Walker


4th Grade

Melanie Brown

Pilar Hawkins

Sydnee Reed

Jaelyn Williams


5th Grade

Brayden Brown

Arielle Forrest

Jayden Harrison

Heavin Jackson

Danielle Sheppard

Ava Spires

Jada Weems

Dakota Wolley


6th Grade

Sydney Andrews

Alaysha Bond

Cidney Bridges

Kennedy Hall

Makayla Jones

Amari Mack

Jonathan Mack

Cassidy McCluney-Hall

Stephanie Rios


7th Grade

Jason Lacroix


10th Grade

Jersey Mayfield

Jakai Robinson


12th Grade

Troy Adams

David Balagizi

Trinity Hawkins

Robyn Howard

Jimmy Kpadeh

Jason Mackall

Myles Miree

Devin Morrow

Rodney Patterson

Congratulations to all of our Honor Roll Student’s who maintained between a 3.0 and 3.9 for the first semester!



DeVaughn Hall

Caley Hayes

Jabari Pitts

Gregory Terrell

Christian Tobin

MaKenzie Howell

Timothy Stevenson

Legend Johari Ford

Andre Harrod

Kennedi Jones

Oluwadarasimi Shoyinka


1st Grade

Victoria Hamilton

Mark Myles

Summer Northern

Kevin Waithe

Asa Spires

Michael Sheppard

Jeffrey Hernandez


Joshua Strawbridge


2nd Grade

McKenzie Anderson

Dylan Dang

Taylor Evans

Aileah Haydon-Shanks

Aiden Smith


Aerys Foxx Cash


3rd Grade

Morgan Bridges

Khloe Stewart


4th Grade

Sencerity Milledge

Alysha Arrington

Aliyah Gray

Khloe Simms

Abigail Simpson-Bookal

Kassidy Asifo

Bryce Brady

Dream Coleman


Starling Colter


5th Grade

Symone Hilliard

Jordin Whaley

Lakye Parker

Sofia Vasquez Hernandez

Madison Howell


6th Grade

Marshea Fisher

Michael Walker

Dakotah Anderson

Jarrell Bryson

Gary Stanley

Dalayziah Griffin

Gabrielle Pointer

Ean Mclaughlin



7th Grade

Ky Panda-Massey

Madisen McDaniel

Ariel Simpson-Bookal

Gavin Simmons

Devin Minor

Terek Sugick


8th Grade

Alma Vasquez Hernandez

Cole Love

Esther Balagizi

Skyler Dalrymple

Anthony Parris

Andrea Thomas

Kyan Bowman

Stephanie Entzminger


9th Grade

Roberto Alvarez

Mosi Clayton

Isaiah Williams

Solomon Spires


Wisdom Purcell


10th Grade

Nina Otero

Terion Sugick

Paige Brown

John Copes

Kennedy Ewell

Jason Entzminger


11th Grade

Daria Douglas

Kaiya Creek

Edward Core

Tristan Armstrong

Oumar Koureissi

Allen Bonner

Martino Dennis

Jaden Farmer

Carl Morton

Jali Tucker

Aaliyah Bevans

Donovan Cole

Jalen Lea


Michael Patterson


12th Grade

Cameron Lomax

Sonia Smith

Maiya Bumbray

Anissa Rivera

Jalen Fant

Promise Cunningham

Jaylen Johnson

Josiah Gregg

Olisaeloka Ngonadi

Keith Jackson

David Dalton

Joseph Goins

William Harrod

Tyinhia Skinner