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About Us
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National Christian Academy is a coeducational private school that caters to students from K-12 grades. It is situated in the vibrant community of Fort Washington, MD, just on the outskirts of Washington, DC and Northern Virginia. Established in 1982, the Academy has consistently provided an intimate and nurturing academic environment, which offers students valuable opportunities to develop the skills and character needed for their journey through college, life, and eternity. 

Our History

The visionary Dr. Janice Lowery laid the foundation for the Academy in 1982, as a ministry of the National Church of God. This institution, fondly referred to as the "Light on the Hill," was established with the goal of delivering high-quality Christian education at an affordable cost within a secure and caring environment. Students are meticulously prepared for the challenges of college, the complexities of life, and their spiritual journey towards eternity. The Academy has earned a distinguished reputation for cultivating a dedicated and spiritually grounded faculty, all unified by a common objective - to equip the students to become the leaders of tomorrow, excel in their academic endeavors, and bring them closer to the teachings of Christ. 


National Christian Academy warmly welcomes students from K3 to 12th grade, offering a spacious campus in Fort Washington, Maryland. This campus features generously sized classrooms designed to maintain an optimal student-teacher ratio of 20 to 1. Furthermore, the Academy offers a wide array of extracurricular activities tailored to nurture and showcase the unique talents and gifts of its approximately 200+ students. Since its inaugural graduating class in 1986, the Academy has produced countless college graduates and upstanding community leaders, contributing to the betterment of the nation as a whole.  


Today, the Academy stands as an integral part of the National Church of God's World Education Center, reinforcing its dedication to holistic education and spiritual growth for students as they continue to journey through life and eternity. 

Fundamental Statements

Read about our mission as a school, vision for our student body, objectives, and statement of faith.

Why Choose NCA?

Students benefit from a Christ-centered education, life long relationships, and dedicated faculty.

Faculty & Staff

View each of our dedicated faculty and staff members.


Currently accepting resumes for lower and upper schools departments.


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