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Academic Excellence

Discovery and Learning

Students at National Christian Academy are taught all disciplines with a Bible-centered worldview. The intent is to prepare students for college, life, and eternity from beginning to end. Every student is taught Bible, a foreign language, and physical education in addition to core curricular classes and a variety of electives. Chapel, field trips, and assemblies also help make students become exceptional spiritual and mental leaders.


Stories from God's Word and Bible memory verses provide an opportunity for our students to study and understand Bible verses, develop biblical thinking, and formulate Biblical philosophies. Memory verses are taught to instill Christian morals and values in students from an early age. It also teaches students how to read maps, utilize logic, and make paper crafts to extend their understanding of God's Word. Students learn about God's people from Creation to Revelation.


Our elementary program provides a solid foundation for technology and computer skills. Students learn about computer hardware/software, terminology, and basic computer tasks on a Windows desktop. They are taught the importance of troubleshooting and proper shutdown procedures. Our middle and high school program informs with advanced technology skills in Microsoft Office Suites, Web Design, Typing, Presentations, and Multimedia.


Our math programs and courses use manipulatives to build on the mathematical foundations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, place value, and many others; and to develop the student's understanding of these concepts. Students are able to read and interpret a variety of charts, graphs, and word problems. They have a greater understanding of geometry, algebra, fractions, decimals, trigonometry, calculus, and measurements.

Natural/Physical Sciences

Our science program provides age-appropriate scientific information through text, diagrams, and charts, as well as captioned photographs, illustrations, and projects. Each year we host a science fair for all students to demonstrate their understanding of the scientific process and experimentation.

Social Studies

Our social studies program provides a colorful, age-appropriate presentation of our government, culture, economics, and geography from a Christian worldview. Students are visually compelled to learn history through stunning art, maps, timelines, graphs, and photos. Some lessons have extended activities and biographies to enhance learning.

Language Arts & Reading

Our language arts & reading programs place emphasis on traditional grammar as well as practice with vital reference skills and the Writing Process. Writing assignments, such as narratives, essays, and more give students the opportunity to express themselves creatively. Reading textbooks contain appropriate selections from a variety of genres with a progression of difficulty; highlighting literary skills and vocabulary.

Physical Education & Health

Our health and physical education classes help students develop a desire to live a healthy life. Instruction focuses on building their manipulative and motor skills while teaching rules, strategies, and gameplay of a variety of sports. Students will gain an understanding of the importance of staying healthy.

Music & Performing Arts

We desire for students to appreciate & develop the ability to express their talents. Beginning with preschool music is added to the curriculum through songs and movement. Our students learn to identify music symbols and their meanings, the families of the orchestra, and note values.

Foreign Language

Spanish is currently the foreign language taught to our preschool through high school students. The students are taught an expansive amount of vocabulary and communication skills. 

Microsoft Certification, Personal Finance, and Public Speaking

Students are required to complete credits to develop work and life skills in Microsoft Office, Personal Finance, and Public Speaking. 

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