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Foundational Statements

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the National Christian Academy to lead students and families to a saving relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to prepare students for college, life, and eternity through excellent academics while fostering Godly character.

Vision Statement

It is our vision to "Educate the whole child to grow God's Kingdom through Christian faith".



To Be Rooted in Christ

Students will nurture their personal convictions and moral values based on the teachings of God's Word. Students are encouraged to exhibit Christ-like character, embracing biblical principles of virtue and ethics in their daily lives. Moreover, they are inspired to express their love for God through active participation in community service, missions, worship, and engagement with a local church.

To Be Ready for Tomorrow

The overarching goal is to prepare students for the challenges of tomorrow by instilling academic excellence, fostering leadership and service, promoting responsible technology use, nurturing a sense of community, and cultivating a strong work ethic and a passion for continuous learning.

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