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Entrance Exam

Applicants in 1st - 12th grades must take an Entrance Exam. This test is held on Saturdays only starting at 10 am.

Our Admissions Team evaluates entrance exam scores when considering a candidate's potential to succeed in a college preparatory environment. Test results also help determine advanced class placement and summer school attendance.

Entrance Exam FAQs

Q. What do I need to bring to the placement test?

A. #2 Pencils and your $50 testing fee

Q. Are calculators allowed?

A. No, calculators are not allowed.

Q. What time will my student be finished?

A. There is no set time frame for the end of testing. Normally, students are finished within 2 hours from the start of testing.

Shadow Program

Prospective 7th - 12th grade students who have inquired about our school are invited to spend a day at NCA. This is a great way for prospective students to experience a day in the life of an Eagle scholar.

Prospective scholars in the Shadow Program will accompany one of our Shadow Program ambassadors through their daily schedule of classes. Shadows are held Wednesday only from 8:25 am to 3:25 pm. We do not schedule shadow days during exam weeks, during state testing weeks, half days, field trip days, or assembly days.

Shadow Program Dress Code

We ask that all prospective students comply with our dress code, which is a collared shirt, nice slacks, khakis (no jeans or cargo pants) or skirts (at the knee), and dress shoes (no sneakers). No hooded sweatshirts or jackets are allowed to be worn during the day. Sweaters and cardigans are acceptable.

Open House

Annual Open House events are a great opportunity for prospective scholars and families to see and hear about life in "The Eagle's Nest". This year's events are in person.

All students and families who have begun, or are beginning the search for a new academic home are welcome to attend an Open House. Registration required.


Open House

Entrance Exams

Saturdays ONLY at 10 am

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